Six tips for new managers


Planning your fantasy football team can seem a daunting process; many managers will play around with formations and players for weeks before deciding on what they want to start the season with. Here are my top six tips for new managers that are essential if you want to reach your goals (whatever that may be).


These are new to the game since last season and knowing when to use them can have a huge benefit on your team. There is no precise way to use them and you can only use them once (two wildcards, all out attack, bench boost and triple captain). Trying to save some of them for a double game week is a good idea because you can only use them once. However the game is about fun and if you have that gut feeling; then it can pay off (take Aguero at Newcastle last season).


This is a term for a player who does well one week. Choosing the right bandwagons can make or break a season. But when deciding to pick a bandwagon player keep in mind their fixtures and chances or repeating the performances. I have suffered by picking bandwagon players too later over the year (such as Michu, RVP, Vardy) and usually it’s too late. But they can backfire and just because a player scored three one game they might not score for the next five or six. Be selective.


Player prices don’t bother me too much at the start but are worth keeping an eye on.  With transfers I try to leave them as late as possible because you never know what can happen between games (such as playing in other competitions or injury). However if you want to sign a player who has a few good games coming up and you know that if he rises in price you can’t afford him, there are times when you will have to transfer early and hope for the best.

4. Avoid putting all your eggs in a single basket

Because of many reasons; be it the team you support or great fixtures during a period there can be a temptation to get three from a team (the maximum amount). This rarely works and usually is a bad tactic, this has failed me and many managers on many of an occasion. I have a personal limit of two, but even that I try to avoid if possible because if they all fail your rank will fall massively.

5.Plan ahead

I do this in blocks of four, it allows you to maximise points scored a section at a time. This also allows you to be aware of who to sell/buy depending at intervals of the season. Doing this step usually helps with the next tip also.

6.Avoid transfer hits

This is the one that I am most guilty of; but transfer hit can have a huge impact on your rank. They can work from time to time and can even become essential depending on how many starting players you have (due to rotation or injury). But avoiding when possible will help your rank.




The £4.5m midfield gems


Following on from my last article; this one continues with the theme of £4.5m gems but this time for midfielders. Finding a midfielder who even plays now and then is quite difficult for £4.5m but here are the five £4.5m men that I believe should be fighting for a place in your team.

Fletcher (£4.5m) Midfielder

The Albion captain is a great shout to open up proceedings. With a goal and three assists last season Fletcher played every game for his club in the league. Not forgetting the 11 clean sheet points which meant an extra point every time for the player. For the price he is as good as it gets if you want to play it safe.

De Roon (£4.5m) Midfielder

A player who can have disciplinary issues and is new to his team having signed from Atlanta. However he has the best opening fixtures of all the players here and he does crop up with the odd goal or assist (one goal and two assists in his 37 games for Atlanta). He is assured of a starting spot and could revel in the Premier League.

Capoue (£4.5m) Midfielder

The box to box man has come down in price this season. He’s assured a spot in the team and despite not scoring last season and having just a single assist; he has looked better in preseason. In their last game he scored and looked a menace whenever on the ball. Even though his record is worse than Fletcher he could have much bigger returns after finally settling at Watford.

Cook (£4.5m) Midfielder

He’s starting spot is in question as he’s just moved to the club. However; if he breaks in to the team he could soon become one to watch. Despite a single goal in two seasons at Leeds he won plenty of individual awards this season and could be one to watch. He moved for a sizable fee and impressed on his debut not looking out of place at all in the squad.

Leko (£4.5m) Midfielder

Leko is the second Albion player to feature. I am biased (being an Albion fan) but I am also in a position to comment on the young talent having seen every Albion game he played in last season. When he broke in to the team he was our best attacking threat (despite the single assist); he maintained his position in the team towards the end of the season keeping players like Sessegnon & McManaman out of the side. Albion have released Sessegnon and unless any more wide players (besides Phillips) are signed I firmly believe he will start the season. The riskiest gamble, but one that could be worth taking!


The £4.5m defensive gems


We all love a bargain; in this game more than ever. Despite baulking at the initial prices there are some defensive ‘gems’ to be had. I’m sure with transfers continuing and injuries plaguing teams more of these will emerge but here are my six defensive gems that I believe would give you good value for money; if the season started tomorrow and the reasons behind me picking them all.

Evans (£4.5m) Defender

The Albion man is his teams best defender and as a result he is the most assured of playing time, be it at left back or centre back. With the joint fourth most clean sheets last season (11) and a favourable opening seven fixtures, it would be downright outrageous not owning the former United man who is value for money.

Fernandez (£4.5m) Defender

The Swans have a solid back line and last season they had 9 clean sheets to their name. I’d expect more of the same from them and with an opening two games against newly promoted Burnley and Hull, they could chalk up early clean sheet points especially with Taylor/Williams still riding high from the Wales performances at the Euros.

Friend (£4.5m) Defender

Newly promoted Boro are a team who have the most favourbale opening fixtures of all the promoted teams. They face Stoke, Sunderland and West Brom in the opening three games of the season. While the price of Friend and their fixtures are enough for most to pick him; I’ll also throw in that he’s a very attacking left back (and even got an assist in his last outing).

Kone (£4.5m) Defender

Big Sam turned this team around and they became a solid unit at the back last season. Despite him leaving and Moyes taking charge I think much of what Sam instilled will remain (especially early on). They face Boro and the Saints in the opening three and are good value for returns yet again.

Pieters (£4.5m) Defender

Last season Butland was a revelation before his injury and Stoke showed they are good value for defensive returns regardless of the opposition. Pieters is a cheap route in to Mark Hughes’s side and with an opening game against Boro, I’m predicting good things yet again.

Mee (£4.5m) Defender

Finally we have Ben Mee who has premiership experience from the season before last. Burnley play the Swans and Hull at home which could mean early doors returns yet again. Helping Mee will be Heaton who was fantastic last time Burnley played in the league.


What the Chi will bring this season


Good evening everybody;

As we all wait eagerly for the new fantasy premier league site to launch, I decided it was the perfect time to re-launch my site. Some of you may remember this site from a few years ago, it’s had an overhaul and will be posting articles on a regular basis.

I’ve been building this brand for the last two years and after a second (and hopefully) final re-brand the site refresh just felt right at this time.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the Chi will bring this season; I’ll outline it below and tell you now it’s the most I have ever given back/got involved with this wonderful community.

  1. #AskChihuahua was a popular hashtag that I used the night before/morning of a deadline in which I responded to all your tweets. I will still be doing this but the newly formed #AskChi will be the night before instead whenever possible. This change is due to work commitments and me not being around every morning before a deadline.
  2. The free to play league will be back, the entry code will be posted here and on my Twitter account as soon as the game is up and league has been renewed.
  3. In addition to this for the first time I will be launching an already fully booked cash league. This is the first season doing a cash league and if it all goes well this will be a regular competition also.
  4. I will be posting my own team either the night before when replying to all your #AskChi tweets or the day of the deadline depending on how the week is going. Every team will be up in article form with my reasons for doing whatever I have done that week.
  5. When appropriate I will be writing and posting other content. For example there will be articles around prices/tactics when the game finally launches.
  6. I will be open to guest articles. If anybody has anything they think will be beneficial to share; my site will be hosting that content.
  7. One of the hardest choices each week is picking who to captain; I’ll be posting my own captain choices every week.
  8. There will be game week by game week updates on both my leagues.

Once the game launches and prices are live I’ll be writing up new content and posting it exclusively on this website. I’ve left an interview that I did with former champ Matthew Martyniak on here for your viewing pleasure. If you aren’t following him please do so. you won’t regret it! (@spiderm4tt)