What the Chi will bring this season


Good evening everybody;

As we all wait eagerly for the new fantasy premier league site to launch, I decided it was the perfect time to re-launch my site. Some of you may remember this site from a few years ago, it’s had an overhaul and will be posting articles on a regular basis.

I’ve been building this brand for the last two years and after a second (and hopefully) final re-brand the site refresh just felt right at this time.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the Chi will bring this season; I’ll outline it below and tell you now it’s the most I have ever given back/got involved with this wonderful community.

  1. #AskChihuahua was a popular hashtag that I used the night before/morning of a deadline in which I responded to all your tweets. I will still be doing this but the newly formed #AskChi will be the night before instead whenever possible. This change is due to work commitments and me not being around every morning before a deadline.
  2. The free to play league will be back, the entry code will be posted here and on my Twitter account as soon as the game is up and league has been renewed.
  3. In addition to this for the first time I will be launching an already fully booked cash league. This is the first season doing a cash league and if it all goes well this will be a regular competition also.
  4. I will be posting my own team either the night before when replying to all your #AskChi tweets or the day of the deadline depending on how the week is going. Every team will be up in article form with my reasons for doing whatever I have done that week.
  5. When appropriate I will be writing and posting other content. For example there will be articles around prices/tactics when the game finally launches.
  6. I will be open to guest articles. If anybody has anything they think will be beneficial to share; my site will be hosting that content.
  7. One of the hardest choices each week is picking who to captain; I’ll be posting my own captain choices every week.
  8. There will be game week by game week updates on both my leagues.

Once the game launches and prices are live I’ll be writing up new content and posting it exclusively on this website. I’ve left an interview that I did with former champ Matthew Martyniak on here for your viewing pleasure. If you aren’t following him please do so. you won’t regret it! (@spiderm4tt)




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