The £4.5m midfield gems


Following on from my last article; this one continues with the theme of £4.5m gems but this time for midfielders. Finding a midfielder who even plays now and then is quite difficult for £4.5m but here are the five £4.5m men that I believe should be fighting for a place in your team.

Fletcher (£4.5m) Midfielder

The Albion captain is a great shout to open up proceedings. With a goal and three assists last season Fletcher played every game for his club in the league. Not forgetting the 11 clean sheet points which meant an extra point every time for the player. For the price he is as good as it gets if you want to play it safe.

De Roon (£4.5m) Midfielder

A player who can have disciplinary issues and is new to his team having signed from Atlanta. However he has the best opening fixtures of all the players here and he does crop up with the odd goal or assist (one goal and two assists in his 37 games for Atlanta). He is assured of a starting spot and could revel in the Premier League.

Capoue (£4.5m) Midfielder

The box to box man has come down in price this season. He’s assured a spot in the team and despite not scoring last season and having just a single assist; he has looked better in preseason. In their last game he scored and looked a menace whenever on the ball. Even though his record is worse than Fletcher he could have much bigger returns after finally settling at Watford.

Cook (£4.5m) Midfielder

He’s starting spot is in question as he’s just moved to the club. However; if he breaks in to the team he could soon become one to watch. Despite a single goal in two seasons at Leeds he won plenty of individual awards this season and could be one to watch. He moved for a sizable fee and impressed on his debut not looking out of place at all in the squad.

Leko (£4.5m) Midfielder

Leko is the second Albion player to feature. I am biased (being an Albion fan) but I am also in a position to comment on the young talent having seen every Albion game he played in last season. When he broke in to the team he was our best attacking threat (despite the single assist); he maintained his position in the team towards the end of the season keeping players like Sessegnon & McManaman out of the side. Albion have released Sessegnon and unless any more wide players (besides Phillips) are signed I firmly believe he will start the season. The riskiest gamble, but one that could be worth taking!



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