My GW10 Team

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The last game week saw my team gather 43 points; just a single more than the average of 42. Not making a transfer and sticking to basics was a good move but Aguero was a captain fail; in fact all of my front seven failed to score a single goal which was frankly disgusting to me. This week I had a few positions I wanted to play with but the most important issue for me this week was what to do with Defoe and Mee. The former hasn’t scored since being in my team and has had his fair share of decent games. The latter has kept a clean sheet for me in recent weeks and not done too badly but he doesn’t have the best games coming up and I want four players I’m happy to rely on each week. I already had Fuchs and Clyne who will for now play every game for their attacking threats and defensive capabilities.

The player to replace Mee was Daniels who has a great run of games coming up and has a superb attacking record since his club came up. Here we have the three with Evans who in a Pulis team is reliable also; I’m happy with the four for now. I had a few strategies for replacing Defoe but I’ve decided to get Barrow from Swansea. Barrow looks a good player, has decent games (including Monday night football) and is only £5.0 so if he just does his bit here or there I’ll be happy. This also means following these two moves I have £2.5m in the bank looking towards game week eleven.

My team picks itself this week; Cech over Pickford & Amat/Mendy/Evans on the bench (two of the three won’t play and one plays Man City). Captaincy goes to Lukaku against West Ham. Even though Aguero is quality and is due soon I can’t back him against my team. Hoping this doesn’t come back to but me afterwards! A right winged pick in Barrow was tempting me but I just couldn’t be that ridiculously brash.



My GW9 Team

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Well; how do I start? This past week was the first really bad week I’ve had this season and the reasons for that are later on in this article when I talk about the lesson I’ve learned.

I scored a total of 36 points (-4) compared to a game week average of 39 points.

This was a poor scoring week with no real points being scored across my team and a huge captain fail that I can’t say many expected or saw. The thing we did pick up from that is with City rotating and their early form dropping off they are not the same team we thought they’d carry on to be this season. That’s not saying they won’t but it’s saying things aren’t a given.

I’ve learned my lesson in the harshest way possible this week. The lesson I’m referring to is not overthinking or overplaying the game. I had a strong start to the season and this was arguably my worst and the first really bad week I’ve had this season. Originally I’d planned to use no transfers and to captain Alexis because of the Swans being more vulnerable at the moment. I went the entire break making no changes then the night before I got Son for Ozil as a bandwagon move to his stats and current form. That failed miserably as Son started on the bench and did nothing while Ozil started and scored. I also took a hit for Love out and Fuchs in for winter cover and also this week but Chelsea scoring did make me regret that move too.

As a result of that I’ve made no transfers this week; keeping things simple and not over playing the game. Seven men at home and a Sunday captain. Not looking at the team again till next week.


My GW8 team

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In GW7 I had 49 compared to the average of 42; looking back I picked the best possible team and one of the best captain picks with only Payet in my team out scoring my captain Lukaku. With the international break I didn’t make any transfers until yesterday. Looking at my team the defence needed an obvious sort out and I needed to decide what to do with Ozil.

With his stats and form, I decided that I couldn’t look past Son. Despite him being a rotation risk and playing my beloved Albion limcant look past this guy. Spurs have a great few games coming up and if he plays (which I believe he will) then I should be in the points. Decided to sell Ozil because despite his fixtures he isn’t a regular fpl point returner and the extra funds mean that I have more room to tinker in the next few weeks. Adding in to that it was only himself, Alexis or Payet that could’ve gone it’s a no brainier.

I was happy with this team and not taking a hit but with the doubts over Clyne; I decided to take a hit to get Love out of my team. Reasons being are that he’s not a starter and I know with rotation and the winter period I’ll need cover. So despite the unfavourable games it allows me to keep Evans. My four man shortlist to replace him was Fuchs, Bellerin, Vertonghen and Robertson. Bellerin has the chop first because he was just out of budget; Vertonghen next because after the immediate few games the fixtures get much worse. Then finally Fuchs won it for me because of what he can offer in games to his team in an attacking threat as well as from a defensive view.

The team pretty much picked itself this week, really wanted to play Pickford but can’t bench Cech. Despite us being at home and fairly solid I’ve dropped Evans to first sub in place of the hit man Fuchs, who I can see keeping an early clean sheet. Captain on Aguero because of his points history in this fixture over the past few weeks and the fact that as much as I want to punt on Alexis; the Swans have a new manager and that can literally go either way.

Good luck all! 🙂