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Well; how do I start? This past week was the first really bad week I’ve had this season and the reasons for that are later on in this article when I talk about the lesson I’ve learned.

I scored a total of 36 points (-4) compared to a game week average of 39 points.

This was a poor scoring week with no real points being scored across my team and a huge captain fail that I can’t say many expected or saw. The thing we did pick up from that is with City rotating and their early form dropping off they are not the same team we thought they’d carry on to be this season. That’s not saying they won’t but it’s saying things aren’t a given.

I’ve learned my lesson in the harshest way possible this week. The lesson I’m referring to is not overthinking or overplaying the game. I had a strong start to the season and this was arguably my worst and the first really bad week I’ve had this season. Originally I’d planned to use no transfers and to captain Alexis because of the Swans being more vulnerable at the moment. I went the entire break making no changes then the night before I got Son for Ozil as a bandwagon move to his stats and current form. That failed miserably as Son started on the bench and did nothing while Ozil started and scored. I also took a hit for Love out and Fuchs in for winter cover and also this week but Chelsea scoring did make me regret that move too.

As a result of that I’ve made no transfers this week; keeping things simple and not over playing the game. Seven men at home and a Sunday captain. Not looking at the team again till next week.



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