My GW13 Team

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Well last week was fun (I joke). I scored an awful 43 in a week that averaged 40. My captain Lukaku, Aguero, Alexis, Mane, Firmino & Barrow all blanked while Fuchs scored 0. To make it worse Capoue stayed on my bench with 10 points and agh gigantic didn’t play.

This week I had a few areas of concern; Gundogan has done nothing for my team and in fact since I’ve had him in he’s only played once. Lukaku also isn’t looking the player he did while Everton struggled and Czech isn’t filling me with hope. I really wanted Yaya this week, I’m a huge fan of his and was overjoyed to see him playing again but there was no way to get him in without a hit which I couldn’t do. The same goes for Chris Brunt (anyone who follows me knows how much I love this guy).

So I made no changes and carried over my transfer. Capoue and Barrow came close to playing for me this week but only just missed out. With doubts over Aguero, Gundogan and Alexis I’m sure at least one of these lads will play for me. My vice captain is Mane who is a more than able debutant should Aguero not play. Good luck all!



My GW12 Team

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Looking back at game week eleven Firmino did the business while majority on my side scored a single point including Daniels, Fuchs, Barrow. I had a few areas I wanted to improve upon but the biggest one was Payet; he’s got a difficult run up and he’s playing in a team who are struggling immensely. There was a load of players who caught my eye but Mane was the stand out candidate. Liverpool are playing great and he’s at the heart of most things so I have no concern with doubling up with Liverpool players in my team.

I’ve captained Mane, he’s playing against his former team and in good form. There are doubts over Aguero starting against Palace; so this is a good opportunity for me to try something new. My team pretty much picked itself with the hardest pick being Pickford over Hull. I think United will score against Arsenal and Hull who are up against Sunderland could blank quite easily. Barrow drops out for Evans who has the better game and is at home. Zero hits! 

My Gw11 Team In Full

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Ok so the previous game week failed to go to plan. Normally scoring 66 (8 above average) would’ve been amazing but I seemed to still lose ground on my mini leagues and overall ranking. Aguero and Alexis played out of their skins and Lukaku didn’t do too badly either.

When looking at my team for this week the main areas of concern was my midfield. Mindy from Leicester was out for even longer and Son has failed to shine in my team. This week I sold Mendy and Son; replacing them with Gundogan and Firmino. For me these are massive upgrades and worth the four point hit because both have great fixtures ahead.

My team this week pretty much picked itself with the only two considerations being Pickford and Evans. I opted in place of them for Cech because he can keep a clean sheet against anyone and Barrow because United are looking so poor so I think Barrow could have fun against Shaw this week. Captain armband is on Aguero because I honestly believe he could score 5 again in any of the next three games.