My GW12 Team

Chihuahua's Team, Uncategorized

Looking back at game week eleven Firmino did the business while majority on my side scored a single point including Daniels, Fuchs, Barrow. I had a few areas I wanted to improve upon but the biggest one was Payet; he’s got a difficult run up and he’s playing in a team who are struggling immensely. There was a load of players who caught my eye but Mane was the stand out candidate. Liverpool are playing great and he’s at the heart of most things so I have no concern with doubling up with Liverpool players in my team.

I’ve captained Mane, he’s playing against his former team and in good form. There are doubts over Aguero starting against Palace; so this is a good opportunity for me to try something new. My team pretty much picked itself with the hardest pick being Pickford over Hull. I think United will score against Arsenal and Hull who are up against Sunderland could blank quite easily. Barrow drops out for Evans who has the better game and is at home. Zero hits! 


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