My GW 15 team & a review on GW 14

Chihuahua's Team

Game week 14 was a great week for me. I wasn’t home the morning of the deadline and having already used on of my free transfers on getting Austin in for Lukaku; I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Harry Kane signing his new deal and his upcoming run of games enticed me enough to get him in for Aguero who hadn’t been looking so hot despite him being fixture proof. With the City rotation and Spurs upcoming games I decided to go with my gut and get Kane for Kun. This move freed up enough funds to let me upgrade the woeful Gundogan; i decided to take the minus four and bring in Eriksen. I captained Kane and the team pretty much picked itself.

Kane and Eriksen scored very well indeed and it made me great fun for going with my gut instinct; Evans scoring too was a nice touch. The only shame was Alexis doing incredibly well and only being my vice captain. I scored 94 in a week that only averaged 50 so this helped my rise in all my leagues. 

This week I planned on saving my transfer because there are a lot of players on my wish list; including Ibrahimovic, Costa, Siggy, Tadic & Alonso. But the injury to Austin who was a long term pick for me messed up my plans. I replaced him with Andy Carroll  which was a hesitant move because last season he didn’t do to well and got injured quite quickly. But he plays his former side Liverpool this week and then goes on to play Burnley & Hull in back to back home games before then facing Swansea (A) which as fixtures go is as good as it gets. West Ham are in trouble and need points quickly; with Zaza failing to impress and Ayew getting injured; this is a make or break moment in the Geordies career. If he plays well enough to keep a starting role and can steer away from injuries he’s a talented lad.

My team this week picks itself again; Evans over Amat the only real decision. The Swans are struggling to keep a clean sheet and the Baggies can block out any team in the league so for me it wasn’t that difficult. Captaincy goes to Alexis ‘the man in form’ Sanchez; despite Firmino & Mane being interesting picks. Good luck all!



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