GW16 team and a reflection on GW15

Chihuahua's Team

Ok so 15 was the opposite of the week before and was completely crap for me with blanks across the board and a score of 42 in an average week of 46.

The less said the better but two players who I’ve wanted to ship for a while in Capoue & Firmino are out (-4) with Antonio & Mahrez in. Firmino has been crap since his shift out wide and despite his game against Boro it’s time for me to cash in with Mahrez on my radar. With a goal or assist in 3 of his last 4 the Algerian like most of his team mates are finally pulling in to gear and with his ownership being relatively low I hope I’ve cashed in at the right time. Same with Antonio; a constant threat and a bargain at his price with those games.

This week my team picks itself with Kane as captain as planned before I got him in week before last. The only gripe I have is that I have a niggling feeling my Mahrez move could be a great option but I’m staying firm. Switching to a 352 with Daniels first sub for his attacking threat enough to give him that number one spot should he be required.



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