My GW 17 team and a review on GW 16

Chihuahua's Team

I learned a few lessons this week; but before I get in to that let me look back at last week and how my team did. So I scored 59 (-4) in an average week of 48 which gave me a score of seven more than the average after my hit.

Starting from the back Cech and Arsenal conceded again which is becoming a frustrating and disappointing situation when thinking about the amount he has cost me. Clyne got attacking returns and a clean sheet; it’s what I expected from him when I got him in ages ago but it’s a real shame that only now he has given me something for trusting in him. Evans didn’t play through injury and Daniels came off the bench to get returns again! Lastly Fuchs did not do anything, again. I Set up my defenders to have a dual purpose with attacking threats and while in large that didn’t work it has at times and can. My midfield scored pretty much nothing between them again besides Alexis and Eriksen who was a shrewd signing. All of my strikers unluckily blanked including captain Kane. I’ve not had the best captain picks of late but this week I’m keeping it simple.
Back to the lessons learned; I was at the Albion game as I usually am and despite playing further back Chris Brunt was phenomenal again. His crossing and attacking play is superb and I’ve said for over a year if he was a defender I’d get him in regardless of cost and now that he is and fit I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Despite playing United this week my transfer in is Chris Brunt and out goes Clyne. It frees up a bit of money too which was nice! 

My team pretty much picks itself with three big calls which see Carroll, Cech & Barrow on the bench. The former and latter have great games but Andy has only just come back from injury and having played THREE days ago and the majority of the game too; I can’t see him starting. Same goes for Barrow, looked great for the Swans when he came on against us but another chance of being rested. As for Cech; the point about him not keeping clean sheets and them facing City is enough for me to go for Pickford. Captain Kane again; despite being tempted by Mahrez, Mane, Alexis and Eriksen! 



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