My GW18 team

Chihuahua's Team

Well, the last week was completely crap. I scored 43 in an average week of 49 which was hard to take; scoring six points below the average score. Pickford clean sheet and a Mane masterclass are the only two things that made me half smile. Blanks everywhere else just hurt, like badly hurt.

This week I wasn’t making a move but suspension to Fuchs and Evans no being back are plain an clear to which means I panic bought, I got in Ibrahimovic/Yaya Toure/Alonso and sold Kane/Mahrez/Fuchs for a -8. Now I know that’s a big hit but I feel they are upgrades across the park and the mossed points already have show you need to.p be quick when fixing a team.

Kane wasn’t scoring, Mahrez was just as bad and Fuchs couldn’t keep a clean sheet if his life depended on it. Alonso is a wing back who provides an attacking threat, Yaya with Gundogan out will be relied on more and Zlatan is bossing it at the moment and with those games it is too hard to to ignore the big Swede any longer.

As for my team this week it pretty much picks itself with Zlatan captain and a decent bunch. I was tempted to use the AOA and play Barrow over Amat but I decided not too I’m the end.

Merry Christmas all ❄️🎄🎅⛄️ @FPLCHI


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