My Gw20 Team

Chihuahua's Team

The Christmas game week was a good one for me; well GW19 to be more specific. Despite my captain only getting an assist I scored 58 in a week that averaged 45 with returns from over half my squad and it saw Charlie Daniels (12) as my highest point scorer.

This week I really didn’t want to play Antonio and Carroll against United. Because I’d been planning this it was a nice and simple -4 to make two changes to my team. Out went Carroll/Eriksen & in came Aguero/Morrison. Despite Eriksen being a great player for my team since coming in he plays Chelsea, West Brom and Man City in his next three. I’m so happy to have Aguero back and despite Costa being so tempting I just couldn’t resist getting the little man back. Morrison has been ill and didn’t start the last game but I expect him to start against Hull. He gets returns more often than not when he plays and he has a great set of games coming up.

My team picked itself with Aguero as captain, I was tempted with Zlatan or Alexis again or even Yaya but Aguero could as he showed last season score five; at any time. If Alonso does miss the Spurs game Daniels is first sub. With Amat suspended and Barrow being Barrow I think that’s my best move this week. Also for the first time I line up with triple West Brom coverage! Good luck all.



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