My GW22 Team

Chihuahua's Team

My wildcard team bombed, really hard. Selling players who went mad on points really hurt but I made my bed and have to sleep in it; or so they say. My team scored 53 in a week that averaged 56 with 12 points on my bench from two. 

This week my team has had no transfers, despite the score last week my team is set up for more than one week so I’m not going to let that impact my thinking. Just hoping this week is better! Randolph gets the nod over Forster, without Fonte I can see the Foxes scoring. Brunt, Daniels and Baines all play as planned with the midfield picking itself. Morgan is first sub but when he starts playing he will most likely take the place of Stanislas. 

Front three doesn’t change and captaincy is on Aguero. Despite rumours of unrest and a deeper positioning he has a great record against Spurs and is due a haul soon. Think Vertonghen missing will hurt and it’s a decent punt for me. 
Good luck all 🙂 @FPLCHI


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