My GW24 Team

Chihuahua's Team

Last week was my worst week I’ve ever had in FPL. I scored 22 in a week that saw an average of 35! To make things worse Daniels, Schlupp & Chambers all missed their games which meant I played with 10 men all of which blanked. Not a single goal, assist or clean sheet in what was a week to forget.

This week I wasn’t in the mood for FPL, last week really hurt. I’m playing my AOA chip because the three mentioned defenders are all out again but all should be back for GW25. I was saving the FT but decided to get Snodgrass for Ozil for two reasons; firstly it frees up a lot of money (I now have £6m in the bank) and also he doesn’t blank thinking of The upcoming weeks. 

My team pretty much has to pick itself with the only tough decision is me playing Randolph over Forster because I’m backing the Hammers to score and besides the game against the Foxes; clean sheets aren’t easy to come by for the Saints. Captain Kane again, hoping he doesn’t troll me again.

Good luck all! @FPLCHI


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