My GW31 Team

Chihuahua's Team

Last week I scored below average again which is becoming a worrying trend. I scored 39 in a week that averaged 40; with captain Aguero scoring 14. So many of my team disappointed with a single point including; Randolph, Alonso, Baines and Costa.

With a short period between gameweeks I’ve made two changes (-4) with Lukaku and Snodgrass out and Ibr and Zaha in. I’ve got a lot of trouble areas to watch such as Brady, Baines and Alonso but this will do for today.

Team selection was a tough one, I had 11 points on the bench and I want to try and avoid that if I can. I’ve picked Randolph on the bench because they play Arsenal and I can see them conceding a few goals, and for that reason Baines and Mawson too! 

Captain Ibra, he’s rested and should be biting to get back and prove why United should do all they can to keep him next season in what could be a make and break game.

Good luck all 🙂



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