My GW33 Team

Chihuahua's Team

Well last week was a complete change in fortunes; I scored 72 in a week that averaged 56. Just under half of the team (5) Baines, Brunt, Lingard, Downing and Alexis scored a combined 8. But the other 6 Forster, Alonso, Zaha, Kun, Ibra and Costa all did amazing and scored 54! 

So this week I didn’t really want to change much but Kane coming back and their form means without Alli and co my team is suffering. Despite his form for me Kun makes way for Kane with a favourable fixture. I did want to ditch Costa but I couldn’t do it in a single move, hoping to bring him back soon.

Team pretty much picks himself, I don’t think Lingard will start and I can see Bournemouth conceding a few so setting up with a 4-3-3 and captain Kane! 

Good luck all! @FPLCHI


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