My GW34 Team

Chihuahua's Team

Last week could’ve gone either way for me but in the end was just about rescued by Alexis who along with captain Kane and Baines had been my only real point scorers 37 in a team that totalled 47 in a week that averaged 46.

This took a lot of reflection and so many of my team failed to rack up any points again; notably Zlatan with 0, Costa, Lingard, Brunt and Randolph with 1 point each. Which is awful returns.

This week I’d planned to do Randolph to DDG and I took a hit to do Benteke for Costa because Costa isn’t looking great at the moment and Benteke faces his former team Liverpool as part of two games this week and I think he will do well. In addition to that because of the Zlatan injury he was taking far too much money not to replace, so in comes Rashford. These moves mean that I have a whopping 6 DGW players this week and have £8.6m in the bank to plan the next few weeks with.

For this week the captaincy goes to Rashford; he’s a man in form and I fancy him to shine in the team in place of Zlatan. On the bench is Forster, Mawson, Morgan & Brunt.

Good luck all! 



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