Cash League Details


After the game was launched and details of a few things now confirmed, I’m ready to tell you about the exact details for my cash league.

  • The entry fee will remain at £20 (payment via bank transfer)
  • There are only 25 spots available (I’ll be asking last years 15 participants if they want to play again before releasing their spaces), with 10 new spots.
  • Entrants from the UK & Ireland only (sorry)

A breakdown of prizes are below;

  1. First prize is £300
  2. Second prize is £100
  3. Third prize is £50
  4. Fourth prize is £20
  5. Highest single GW score will win £15
  6. The number one team at Christmas will win £15 (end of GW20 which falls on Boxing Day)

*All prizes will be paid out via bank transfer within a week of GW38 coming to the end, I will contact you and arrange this. 

Last year Fly stormed to a well deserved victory. This year there is around a 1/4 chance of taking away a prize; with the chance to win up to three prizes in total.

Get in touch if you want in (it will be first come first serve), but I do need to entry fee to secure a spot.

All the best, 



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