My #GW1 team 

Chihuahua's Team

When selecting my team I opted for four core players and built around them, they are all captaincy options. My midfield are all on set pieces besides one that’s my differential for the opening week and defence is filled players with good games that can get attacking returns. Lastly my keeper a non rotating option. All of these players have good opening games and are in my team for the reasons below:

Ben Foster (£4.5m) with an ownership of 15.5%
Ben is my keeper because of his underlying stats from last season. Despite the lack of clean sheets last season he was usually in the top 5 for most categories. In addition to this he is a bargain at his price and is a mainstay in goal.

Ben Davies (£5.5m) with an ownership of 3.1%

The other Ben is in because of the recent ‘Rose scandal’, as well the thought that when he played last season he impressed. He’s an attacking full back who likes a shot on goal.

John Stones (£5.5m) with an ownership of 4.9%

Last season Man City were awful at the back, but they have invested heavily. I expect them to be more stable and return more clean sheets (especially with their run of games). Stones has also scored a few in preseason and presents a goal threat.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (£4.5m) with an ownership of 2.2%

The Liverpool young ester has flourished in the absence of Clyne and will start against Watford. After playing so well against Munich it wouldn’t surprise me if he does well again. Depending upon Clyne and rotation he might not be in the team for long but the first week doesn’t present many teams which look like they will be keeping clean sheets, he is one of the safer bets.

Moussa Sissoko (£5.5m) with an ownership of 0.03%

Moussa is my uber differential and potential single game punt. Despite links elsewhere, she did well in their last game and with Son and Lamela not ready to start, he could have his chance. Having famously wanting out from Newcastle he will want to impress and could have a huge game. 

Kevin De Bruyne (£10.0m) with an ownership of 30.8%

The first of my core four; he was in my team since the game came back. Probably the only nailed on player for Pep and with the players behind him improving I think this will give him freedom and he will only get more assists and goals.

Matt Phillips (£6.0m) with an ownership of 2.9%

This position was for Chadli until this week, he is someone who has linked well with Rodriguez in pre season and is one of Albions’ most exciting players to watch. But with rumours of Swansea turning his head and an injury knock I’m not sure if he will start or stay. That means Phillips comes in and before his injury he did look very good and he does take set pieces. Also has a favourable run of games.

James Ward-Prowse (£5.5m) with an ownership of 2.9%

The youngster has looked good for England in the summer and since returning back to the Saints. Takes set pieces and plays wide as well as central. With their games and his price, he is a cheap and able player for my team.

Harry Kane (£12.5m) with an ownership of 37.8%

Harry was the first name on my team sheet this season after what he did last season but was out for Alexis in my team. With the news of the Chilean missing two games; Harry comes back in. He has favourable games and plays the first three games on Sundays and is the first of my premium strike force.

Sergio Aguero (£11.5m) with an ownership of 11.1%

When he plays he scores, despite the potential of rotation if he plays he will do well. Man City have good opening games and Aguero is the cheapest he has been for a while which makes him so appealing. He also has relatively low ownership and provides a potential for big points.

Romelu Lukaku (£11.5m) with an ownership of 48.9% & CAPTAIN FOR GW1

Rom has an unbelievable ownership and is a must have. His stats were close to Kane and was competing till the end for the golden boot. You’d assume with a better class of players around him this season as the focul point he should at least replicate last seasons figures. He also has the best opening fixtures of pretty much any team. He is my captain for the opening week because Aguero potentially not starting and Kane being away from home in August which historically hasn’t been the best month for the forward. The Belgian also has a great record against the Hammers.

Boaz Myhill (£4.0m) with an ownership of 4.8%

Boaz won’t start but is in so that if anything does happen to Foster I have a replacement keeper that will start.

Tom Carroll (£4.5m) with an ownership of 6.7%

The in form Swans man impressed last season and if Siggy goes will be on set pieces. At his price point the best midfielder available and if needed a great option from the bench.

Javier Manquillo (£4.5m) with an ownership of 1.5%

The former Sunderland man got an assist in his last game and looked good. He is in for rotation with Trent and has besides the opener some great games initially.

Chancel Mbemba (£4.0m) with an ownership of 2.1%

As Chancel was introduced late to the game he has low ownership and besides Long is the closest thing to a starter even though I don’t expect him to. A bench player only.

*all percentages correct as if 13:40 



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