My GW4 Team *WC Played*

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This gameweek I had to play my wildcard, something I wanted to save for later in the season. I believe you should play the game as it adapts and even though I’d planned to play it in gameweek eight, a few situations played my hand. Firstly my scores; 73 week one was amazing, 34 week two was awful but acceptable and week three was 33 (-4) which was devastating. Secondly the game has changed when looking at total scores at price points per position. Unfortunately for me I invested heavily in premium players that failed to warrant their respective prices.

So first let me review my wildcard, I made 8 changes to my starting 11 and 10 changes to my squad of 15. I set my team up with a change in distribution of funds and I have changed formation and tactics. When I began constructing my team I started my looking at the fixtures and a core group of players; there was inevitably players I couldn’t include such as Alexis, Lukaku and Hazard but you can’t have them all. The biggest call was dropping the games most owned player in Lukaku but for me and balancing my squad I couldn’t have him, Kane and Morata. 

This is the team, a one week punt means Kane out for Lacazette who is my captain this week. Next week with those fixtures Kane is back in my team and there is enough money in the bank to facilitate that move. I’ve put plans in place if any of those players I listed hit form and become essential but for now I’m happy with it as is! 



2 thoughts on “My GW4 Team *WC Played*

  1. Well you certainly not the bullet. I was tempted to make some wholesale changes and drop de Bruyne and Aguero! Luckily I stuck to my guns. They are great players and as such will end up coming good. I guess I am more worried about Pep!! Your team looks good however I would just keep 1 of Pogba/Mikhi and include a Spurs midfielder (Eriksen). Good luck Chi, always enjoy your tweets.

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