My GW4 Team *WC Played*

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This gameweek I had to play my wildcard, something I wanted to save for later in the season. I believe you should play the game as it adapts and even though I’d planned to play it in gameweek eight, a few situations played my hand. Firstly my scores; 73 week one was amazing, 34 week two was awful but acceptable and week three was 33 (-4) which was devastating. Secondly the game has changed when looking at total scores at price points per position. Unfortunately for me I invested heavily in premium players that failed to warrant their respective prices.

So first let me review my wildcard, I made 8 changes to my starting 11 and 10 changes to my squad of 15. I set my team up with a change in distribution of funds and I have changed formation and tactics. When I began constructing my team I started my looking at the fixtures and a core group of players; there was inevitably players I couldn’t include such as Alexis, Lukaku and Hazard but you can’t have them all. The biggest call was dropping the games most owned player in Lukaku but for me and balancing my squad I couldn’t have him, Kane and Morata. 

This is the team, a one week punt means Kane out for Lacazette who is my captain this week. Next week with those fixtures Kane is back in my team and there is enough money in the bank to facilitate that move. I’ve put plans in place if any of those players I listed hit form and become essential but for now I’m happy with it as is! 



Cash League Details


After the game was launched and details of a few things now confirmed, I’m ready to tell you about the exact details for my cash league.

  • The entry fee will remain at £20 (payment via bank transfer)
  • There are only 25 spots available (I’ll be asking last years 15 participants if they want to play again before releasing their spaces), with 10 new spots.
  • Entrants from the UK & Ireland only (sorry)

A breakdown of prizes are below;

  1. First prize is £300
  2. Second prize is £100
  3. Third prize is £50
  4. Fourth prize is £20
  5. Highest single GW score will win £15
  6. The number one team at Christmas will win £15 (end of GW20 which falls on Boxing Day)

*All prizes will be paid out via bank transfer within a week of GW38 coming to the end, I will contact you and arrange this. 

Last year Fly stormed to a well deserved victory. This year there is around a 1/4 chance of taking away a prize; with the chance to win up to three prizes in total.

Get in touch if you want in (it will be first come first serve), but I do need to entry fee to secure a spot.

All the best, 


My GW13 Team

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Well last week was fun (I joke). I scored an awful 43 in a week that averaged 40. My captain Lukaku, Aguero, Alexis, Mane, Firmino & Barrow all blanked while Fuchs scored 0. To make it worse Capoue stayed on my bench with 10 points and agh gigantic didn’t play.

This week I had a few areas of concern; Gundogan has done nothing for my team and in fact since I’ve had him in he’s only played once. Lukaku also isn’t looking the player he did while Everton struggled and Czech isn’t filling me with hope. I really wanted Yaya this week, I’m a huge fan of his and was overjoyed to see him playing again but there was no way to get him in without a hit which I couldn’t do. The same goes for Chris Brunt (anyone who follows me knows how much I love this guy).

So I made no changes and carried over my transfer. Capoue and Barrow came close to playing for me this week but only just missed out. With doubts over Aguero, Gundogan and Alexis I’m sure at least one of these lads will play for me. My vice captain is Mane who is a more than able debutant should Aguero not play. Good luck all!


My GW12 Team

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Looking back at game week eleven Firmino did the business while majority on my side scored a single point including Daniels, Fuchs, Barrow. I had a few areas I wanted to improve upon but the biggest one was Payet; he’s got a difficult run up and he’s playing in a team who are struggling immensely. There was a load of players who caught my eye but Mane was the stand out candidate. Liverpool are playing great and he’s at the heart of most things so I have no concern with doubling up with Liverpool players in my team.

I’ve captained Mane, he’s playing against his former team and in good form. There are doubts over Aguero starting against Palace; so this is a good opportunity for me to try something new. My team pretty much picked itself with the hardest pick being Pickford over Hull. I think United will score against Arsenal and Hull who are up against Sunderland could blank quite easily. Barrow drops out for Evans who has the better game and is at home. Zero hits! 

My Gw11 Team In Full

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Ok so the previous game week failed to go to plan. Normally scoring 66 (8 above average) would’ve been amazing but I seemed to still lose ground on my mini leagues and overall ranking. Aguero and Alexis played out of their skins and Lukaku didn’t do too badly either.

When looking at my team for this week the main areas of concern was my midfield. Mindy from Leicester was out for even longer and Son has failed to shine in my team. This week I sold Mendy and Son; replacing them with Gundogan and Firmino. For me these are massive upgrades and worth the four point hit because both have great fixtures ahead.

My team this week pretty much picked itself with the only two considerations being Pickford and Evans. I opted in place of them for Cech because he can keep a clean sheet against anyone and Barrow because United are looking so poor so I think Barrow could have fun against Shaw this week. Captain armband is on Aguero because I honestly believe he could score 5 again in any of the next three games.


My GW10 Team

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The last game week saw my team gather 43 points; just a single more than the average of 42. Not making a transfer and sticking to basics was a good move but Aguero was a captain fail; in fact all of my front seven failed to score a single goal which was frankly disgusting to me. This week I had a few positions I wanted to play with but the most important issue for me this week was what to do with Defoe and Mee. The former hasn’t scored since being in my team and has had his fair share of decent games. The latter has kept a clean sheet for me in recent weeks and not done too badly but he doesn’t have the best games coming up and I want four players I’m happy to rely on each week. I already had Fuchs and Clyne who will for now play every game for their attacking threats and defensive capabilities.

The player to replace Mee was Daniels who has a great run of games coming up and has a superb attacking record since his club came up. Here we have the three with Evans who in a Pulis team is reliable also; I’m happy with the four for now. I had a few strategies for replacing Defoe but I’ve decided to get Barrow from Swansea. Barrow looks a good player, has decent games (including Monday night football) and is only £5.0 so if he just does his bit here or there I’ll be happy. This also means following these two moves I have £2.5m in the bank looking towards game week eleven.

My team picks itself this week; Cech over Pickford & Amat/Mendy/Evans on the bench (two of the three won’t play and one plays Man City). Captaincy goes to Lukaku against West Ham. Even though Aguero is quality and is due soon I can’t back him against my team. Hoping this doesn’t come back to but me afterwards! A right winged pick in Barrow was tempting me but I just couldn’t be that ridiculously brash.


My GW9 Team

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Well; how do I start? This past week was the first really bad week I’ve had this season and the reasons for that are later on in this article when I talk about the lesson I’ve learned.

I scored a total of 36 points (-4) compared to a game week average of 39 points.

This was a poor scoring week with no real points being scored across my team and a huge captain fail that I can’t say many expected or saw. The thing we did pick up from that is with City rotating and their early form dropping off they are not the same team we thought they’d carry on to be this season. That’s not saying they won’t but it’s saying things aren’t a given.

I’ve learned my lesson in the harshest way possible this week. The lesson I’m referring to is not overthinking or overplaying the game. I had a strong start to the season and this was arguably my worst and the first really bad week I’ve had this season. Originally I’d planned to use no transfers and to captain Alexis because of the Swans being more vulnerable at the moment. I went the entire break making no changes then the night before I got Son for Ozil as a bandwagon move to his stats and current form. That failed miserably as Son started on the bench and did nothing while Ozil started and scored. I also took a hit for Love out and Fuchs in for winter cover and also this week but Chelsea scoring did make me regret that move too.

As a result of that I’ve made no transfers this week; keeping things simple and not over playing the game. Seven men at home and a Sunday captain. Not looking at the team again till next week.


My GW8 team

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In GW7 I had 49 compared to the average of 42; looking back I picked the best possible team and one of the best captain picks with only Payet in my team out scoring my captain Lukaku. With the international break I didn’t make any transfers until yesterday. Looking at my team the defence needed an obvious sort out and I needed to decide what to do with Ozil.

With his stats and form, I decided that I couldn’t look past Son. Despite him being a rotation risk and playing my beloved Albion limcant look past this guy. Spurs have a great few games coming up and if he plays (which I believe he will) then I should be in the points. Decided to sell Ozil because despite his fixtures he isn’t a regular fpl point returner and the extra funds mean that I have more room to tinker in the next few weeks. Adding in to that it was only himself, Alexis or Payet that could’ve gone it’s a no brainier.

I was happy with this team and not taking a hit but with the doubts over Clyne; I decided to take a hit to get Love out of my team. Reasons being are that he’s not a starter and I know with rotation and the winter period I’ll need cover. So despite the unfavourable games it allows me to keep Evans. My four man shortlist to replace him was Fuchs, Bellerin, Vertonghen and Robertson. Bellerin has the chop first because he was just out of budget; Vertonghen next because after the immediate few games the fixtures get much worse. Then finally Fuchs won it for me because of what he can offer in games to his team in an attacking threat as well as from a defensive view.

The team pretty much picked itself this week, really wanted to play Pickford but can’t bench Cech. Despite us being at home and fairly solid I’ve dropped Evans to first sub in place of the hit man Fuchs, who I can see keeping an early clean sheet. Captain on Aguero because of his points history in this fixture over the past few weeks and the fact that as much as I want to punt on Alexis; the Swans have a new manager and that can literally go either way.

Good luck all! 🙂


My GW7 Team

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Week 6 wasn’t great and before it began I didn’t think I’d be relying on a clean sheet from Mee to help save my week. I scored 73 (-4) in a week that saw the average at 45 which wasn’t too shabby at all. Captain pick was pretty spot on and my Arsenal boys came back in to form.

My immediate transfer this week was Bony out. Mark Hughes hasn’t exactly been praising his work rate and play so far and he has disappointed. His replacement is Defoe who last week made it in to the top ten BPL scorers list of all time. He’s a quality player that will always score goals and despite Sunderland looking awful he is the sort that when he gets a chance scores more often than not. He’s already netted 4 this season and plays against WBA, Stoke, West Ham, Bournemouth and Hull in 5 of his next 6 games.

My team selection was pretty straightforward with the hardest decision being between Love, Mee & Amat. I opted for the former because even though he’s not a regular I’d rather. A point from him than a potential minus score from Mee or Amat who could concede big numbers is my punt even though Mee did me proud last week.

Captaincy was a tough one, everything is telling me to go for Aguero. His form and his ridiculous record against Spurs means he will be a popular pick yet again and for a good reason. Alexis is another who has been playing up too and been playing rather well lately. But I’ve gone for Lukaku. Before you laugh too hard let me make my case; Aguero blanked midweek and Spurs will provide a tougher task. As for Alexis he could be shifted wide or start from the bench (even though I doubt either). As for Lukaku, he’s rested midweek, he plays a Palace side who aren’t that solid at the back & they’ll be without their captain Dann. It’s a risk early on but hey, ho. Good luck all.

My GW6 Team


GW5 was full of shambles. My keeper and back line failed me again. Saying that Lukaku did me proud again so it could’ve been worse even though I believe Bony should’ve been awarded an assist for that Arnautovic goal. This week I had two free transfers and I had to get Kun back and sign Capoue due to his form and upcoming fixtures. I have decided to ditch Benteke because Bony has better games going forward even though they’re both crap right now. A spanner in the works as Masuaku was injured and I don’t want to play Amat as they’re up against City. As a result I took my first -4 this season to replace him with the attack minded Clyne based on fixtures and form. As Masuaku has been so bad since I got him in I’m not too fussed ditching him.

My team this week picks itself with Amat playing City being my last sub and Mendy not yet fit. My hardest decision was Cech or Pickford but I opted for the former. Captain is the returning Aguero. Good luck all 🙂