My GW27 Team

Chihuahua's Team

I am actually surprised st how well GW26 went and that in a large part is due to Harry Kane who scored an impressive 20 points. My team scored 69 in a week that averaged 45 and Brady who I transferred in got returns too! 

This week the plan was not to use a single transfer but after the DGW for Man City was introduced I had to re-think. The first and obvious must make move was Aguero in and to do that I had to sacrifice Lukaku or Kane and due to the blank next week it had to sadly be Kane that I sold. 

I also took a -4 for KDB in for Hazard due to the latter being a risk of not playing and the opportunity for another doubler. Then after reading the news about Snodgrass & Chambers injury I did look ahead to next week and with the plans of having a player who also plays next week I did Chambers to Mawson who has been in good form and he does have attacking returns in him. This is move that I would’ve done next week anyway but I figured He had a better liklihood of returns compared to Daniels away to United or Snodgrass against Chelsea.

My team this week was an easy selection with Snodgrass first sub, Daniels second and Morgan third. I am using the triple captain chip on Aguero for the simple fact he’s FPL gold and plays Stoke then Sunderland. This is the same man who has five goals a game in him and with Jesus out and a good game in the cup he’s as sure of a starting spot as he ever will be. Good luck all!



My GW7 Team

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Week 6 wasn’t great and before it began I didn’t think I’d be relying on a clean sheet from Mee to help save my week. I scored 73 (-4) in a week that saw the average at 45 which wasn’t too shabby at all. Captain pick was pretty spot on and my Arsenal boys came back in to form.

My immediate transfer this week was Bony out. Mark Hughes hasn’t exactly been praising his work rate and play so far and he has disappointed. His replacement is Defoe who last week made it in to the top ten BPL scorers list of all time. He’s a quality player that will always score goals and despite Sunderland looking awful he is the sort that when he gets a chance scores more often than not. He’s already netted 4 this season and plays against WBA, Stoke, West Ham, Bournemouth and Hull in 5 of his next 6 games.

My team selection was pretty straightforward with the hardest decision being between Love, Mee & Amat. I opted for the former because even though he’s not a regular I’d rather. A point from him than a potential minus score from Mee or Amat who could concede big numbers is my punt even though Mee did me proud last week.

Captaincy was a tough one, everything is telling me to go for Aguero. His form and his ridiculous record against Spurs means he will be a popular pick yet again and for a good reason. Alexis is another who has been playing up too and been playing rather well lately. But I’ve gone for Lukaku. Before you laugh too hard let me make my case; Aguero blanked midweek and Spurs will provide a tougher task. As for Alexis he could be shifted wide or start from the bench (even though I doubt either). As for Lukaku, he’s rested midweek, he plays a Palace side who aren’t that solid at the back & they’ll be without their captain Dann. It’s a risk early on but hey, ho. Good luck all.

My GW6 Team


GW5 was full of shambles. My keeper and back line failed me again. Saying that Lukaku did me proud again so it could’ve been worse even though I believe Bony should’ve been awarded an assist for that Arnautovic goal. This week I had two free transfers and I had to get Kun back and sign Capoue due to his form and upcoming fixtures. I have decided to ditch Benteke because Bony has better games going forward even though they’re both crap right now. A spanner in the works as Masuaku was injured and I don’t want to play Amat as they’re up against City. As a result I took my first -4 this season to replace him with the attack minded Clyne based on fixtures and form. As Masuaku has been so bad since I got him in I’m not too fussed ditching him.

My team this week picks itself with Amat playing City being my last sub and Mendy not yet fit. My hardest decision was Cech or Pickford but I opted for the former. Captain is the returning Aguero. Good luck all 🙂

My GW4 Wildcard Team

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GW3 started with such hope but ended in disappointment with so many players blanking. I scored just above the average and in the international break I activated my wildcard for the following reasons;

1. Kun ban.

2. Townsend/Redmond blanked again.

3. Stones is not a solid option at the back.

4. Hull signed a new keeper who should be their number one.

5. The Smith I had from Bournemouth isn’t a starter.

6. The return of Payet.

7. The impact on Arsenal with Alexis & Ozil back.

8. Simpson is a player I want to ditch.

So I made THIRTEEN CHANGES and believe my team is set up the best I can till November. 

Starting from the top, Cech is the cheapest route into the Arsenal back line with their amazing run. Evans in a Pulis team is always a solid pick, Mee is in for three games and Masuakau is a very attacking player with a great run and an assist already to his name.

In midfield Hazard is a player I am keeping from the start. Ozil & Alexis are in for two great games and a good run. Payet I think will become a must have and with that run I need to own him. 

Up top Lukaku was the first name I wanted with his potential and fixtures. Same goes for Bony & Benteke; following their club transfers both for me are great options.

On the bench Pickford comes in for Jak as he’s more nailed on, Mendy is injured now but at 4.4m he will be a start for the champions and is expected back before GW6. Amat and Love are the closest things to nailed on bench players for around 4m. I’m not planning on using my bench players much if at all.

I don’t have City cover but I have a plan to get Kun for one from Benteke/Bony and downgrading one from my midfield in two weeks when he’s back. I’ve made some ballsy moves the hardest of which was dropping Zlatan. Yes he’s in great form and yes I believe he will score in the Derby BUT selling him allows me to have Payet and Alexis for now who I believe will score more points and are more essential.

I WANTED Spurs coverage and Everton cover at the back but I couldn’t fit it all in. This is the best that I would do with what I had.

There are a lot of moves that many wouldn’t do but this game is about risks and fun. Monday night captain is Rom because I’m a fan and even though he’s sporadic his record speaks for itself.