My GW32 Team

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I’m slowly and surely losing the fun and thrill of playing this year and that’s down to my decision making and results. Last week again I scored below the average with 38 in an average of 45. GUTTED.

Every player disappointed with just one or two points besides Aguero and Ibra. This week team stays the same with Lingard coming in for Brady who has been a wast of space in my team. Forster starts over Randolph, Daniels first sub with them playing Chelsea, Mawson against West Ham as second sub and lastly Morgan.

Captain based on fixture and form is Aguero again.

Good luck all 🙂 


My GW31 Team

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Last week I scored below average again which is becoming a worrying trend. I scored 39 in a week that averaged 40; with captain Aguero scoring 14. So many of my team disappointed with a single point including; Randolph, Alonso, Baines and Costa.

With a short period between gameweeks I’ve made two changes (-4) with Lukaku and Snodgrass out and Ibr and Zaha in. I’ve got a lot of trouble areas to watch such as Brady, Baines and Alonso but this will do for today.

Team selection was a tough one, I had 11 points on the bench and I want to try and avoid that if I can. I’ve picked Randolph on the bench because they play Arsenal and I can see them conceding a few goals, and for that reason Baines and Mawson too! 

Captain Ibra, he’s rested and should be biting to get back and prove why United should do all they can to keep him next season in what could be a make and break game.

Good luck all 🙂


My GW 15 team & a review on GW 14

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Game week 14 was a great week for me. I wasn’t home the morning of the deadline and having already used on of my free transfers on getting Austin in for Lukaku; I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Harry Kane signing his new deal and his upcoming run of games enticed me enough to get him in for Aguero who hadn’t been looking so hot despite him being fixture proof. With the City rotation and Spurs upcoming games I decided to go with my gut and get Kane for Kun. This move freed up enough funds to let me upgrade the woeful Gundogan; i decided to take the minus four and bring in Eriksen. I captained Kane and the team pretty much picked itself.

Kane and Eriksen scored very well indeed and it made me great fun for going with my gut instinct; Evans scoring too was a nice touch. The only shame was Alexis doing incredibly well and only being my vice captain. I scored 94 in a week that only averaged 50 so this helped my rise in all my leagues. 

This week I planned on saving my transfer because there are a lot of players on my wish list; including Ibrahimovic, Costa, Siggy, Tadic & Alonso. But the injury to Austin who was a long term pick for me messed up my plans. I replaced him with Andy Carroll  which was a hesitant move because last season he didn’t do to well and got injured quite quickly. But he plays his former side Liverpool this week and then goes on to play Burnley & Hull in back to back home games before then facing Swansea (A) which as fixtures go is as good as it gets. West Ham are in trouble and need points quickly; with Zaza failing to impress and Ayew getting injured; this is a make or break moment in the Geordies career. If he plays well enough to keep a starting role and can steer away from injuries he’s a talented lad.

My team this week picks itself again; Evans over Amat the only real decision. The Swans are struggling to keep a clean sheet and the Baggies can block out any team in the league so for me it wasn’t that difficult. Captaincy goes to Alexis ‘the man in form’ Sanchez; despite Firmino & Mane being interesting picks. Good luck all!


My GW12 Team

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Looking back at game week eleven Firmino did the business while majority on my side scored a single point including Daniels, Fuchs, Barrow. I had a few areas I wanted to improve upon but the biggest one was Payet; he’s got a difficult run up and he’s playing in a team who are struggling immensely. There was a load of players who caught my eye but Mane was the stand out candidate. Liverpool are playing great and he’s at the heart of most things so I have no concern with doubling up with Liverpool players in my team.

I’ve captained Mane, he’s playing against his former team and in good form. There are doubts over Aguero starting against Palace; so this is a good opportunity for me to try something new. My team pretty much picked itself with the hardest pick being Pickford over Hull. I think United will score against Arsenal and Hull who are up against Sunderland could blank quite easily. Barrow drops out for Evans who has the better game and is at home. Zero hits! 

My GW8 team

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In GW7 I had 49 compared to the average of 42; looking back I picked the best possible team and one of the best captain picks with only Payet in my team out scoring my captain Lukaku. With the international break I didn’t make any transfers until yesterday. Looking at my team the defence needed an obvious sort out and I needed to decide what to do with Ozil.

With his stats and form, I decided that I couldn’t look past Son. Despite him being a rotation risk and playing my beloved Albion limcant look past this guy. Spurs have a great few games coming up and if he plays (which I believe he will) then I should be in the points. Decided to sell Ozil because despite his fixtures he isn’t a regular fpl point returner and the extra funds mean that I have more room to tinker in the next few weeks. Adding in to that it was only himself, Alexis or Payet that could’ve gone it’s a no brainier.

I was happy with this team and not taking a hit but with the doubts over Clyne; I decided to take a hit to get Love out of my team. Reasons being are that he’s not a starter and I know with rotation and the winter period I’ll need cover. So despite the unfavourable games it allows me to keep Evans. My four man shortlist to replace him was Fuchs, Bellerin, Vertonghen and Robertson. Bellerin has the chop first because he was just out of budget; Vertonghen next because after the immediate few games the fixtures get much worse. Then finally Fuchs won it for me because of what he can offer in games to his team in an attacking threat as well as from a defensive view.

The team pretty much picked itself this week, really wanted to play Pickford but can’t bench Cech. Despite us being at home and fairly solid I’ve dropped Evans to first sub in place of the hit man Fuchs, who I can see keeping an early clean sheet. Captain on Aguero because of his points history in this fixture over the past few weeks and the fact that as much as I want to punt on Alexis; the Swans have a new manager and that can literally go either way.

Good luck all! 🙂


My GW7 Team

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Week 6 wasn’t great and before it began I didn’t think I’d be relying on a clean sheet from Mee to help save my week. I scored 73 (-4) in a week that saw the average at 45 which wasn’t too shabby at all. Captain pick was pretty spot on and my Arsenal boys came back in to form.

My immediate transfer this week was Bony out. Mark Hughes hasn’t exactly been praising his work rate and play so far and he has disappointed. His replacement is Defoe who last week made it in to the top ten BPL scorers list of all time. He’s a quality player that will always score goals and despite Sunderland looking awful he is the sort that when he gets a chance scores more often than not. He’s already netted 4 this season and plays against WBA, Stoke, West Ham, Bournemouth and Hull in 5 of his next 6 games.

My team selection was pretty straightforward with the hardest decision being between Love, Mee & Amat. I opted for the former because even though he’s not a regular I’d rather. A point from him than a potential minus score from Mee or Amat who could concede big numbers is my punt even though Mee did me proud last week.

Captaincy was a tough one, everything is telling me to go for Aguero. His form and his ridiculous record against Spurs means he will be a popular pick yet again and for a good reason. Alexis is another who has been playing up too and been playing rather well lately. But I’ve gone for Lukaku. Before you laugh too hard let me make my case; Aguero blanked midweek and Spurs will provide a tougher task. As for Alexis he could be shifted wide or start from the bench (even though I doubt either). As for Lukaku, he’s rested midweek, he plays a Palace side who aren’t that solid at the back & they’ll be without their captain Dann. It’s a risk early on but hey, ho. Good luck all.

My GW5 Team

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Last week had so much optimism but that soon faded; early doors my back 3 and keeper all played and totalled just 3 points. Add to that four points from my midfield 3 I wasn’t expecting much at all; in fact I was preparing for an awful week. 

However it did turn around and my captain pick Lukaku was in an inspired mood scoring 3 and making more than the other 10 in my team combined. I scored 59 all in with an average of 43.

No transfers as planned and a pretty straightforward team, Mee is replaced by Amat for the only change. I was planning on captaining Alexis this week but with the form last week it has to be that man; Lukaku again.


My game week one side

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Game week one

Your initial team selection is always a headache. You end up second guessing yourself at every turn and swapping players in and out for weeks. For my team this year I set my team up for a few weeks so that if bandwagons or must haves appear then I have the flexibility to get any players I may need. For the opening game week I have opted for a 3-4-3 formation. The way I approached this was after selecting my core, I analysed the players available with my budget and created what is my most researched team to date. Below I’ll be listing the players and the reasoning behind them being in my team.


One of the first names on my team sheet. Look in to the stats; West Brom had the fourth best clean sheets last season and I expect them to improve on that. Pulis plays that way and despite it being frustrating to watch as a fan, for fantasy points it’s great. With our opening games a must have for me at a bargain price.


Based on opening games and the new manager I did have Valencia in my team. Even though Valencia might outscore Shaw early on I do think Shaw is safer from rotation and after a few games Valencia might be replaced. They both have an attacking threat and are worth a spot in my team.


A one week punt from the champions. Opted for him over Morgan because he might have more of an attacking threat. If Williams is fit or Kone signs they will replace him next week but if neither is an option Simpson can happily stay in my team till one of them is fit.


The new City man is their cheapest route in to their defence. I think he will start and with their opening games he could rack up early points. I can always replace him if he’s dropped or if City struggle to keep clean sheets. One to watch.


After a conversation with Callum Smith I looked in to his stats and positioning and he was straight in to my team. I always liked him at the Blues and Norwich and my thinking is that with better players around him and a positioning higher up the pitch; Nathan is a punt that if he doesn’t pay off I can easily replace him.


A last minute addition to my team after reading what Pardew said about his new player. He was full of praise and that in addition to him form at the end of the season with Newcastle and preseason with Palace; he looks the real deal. Has great fixtures and the toughest of those is again Spurs (his former employers) another that should start well.


My premium midfielder spot has a lot of completion. I wanted Firmino and Alexis as mentioned but Eden get is due to his summer form at the Euros and the fact he has played up top in preseason. Be it wide or centrally with West Ham, Watford, Burnley and Swansea in the first four games he could start with a bang.


I had Lukaku in my team as soon as I saw the fixtures but with the rumours of him moving elsewhere and not really being ready to start the season I needed an alternative. I opted for Gerard over Barkley who I was also considering due to his preseason form and the fact that Koeman has said he could be deployed as a forward.


As much as Zlatan excites me and as happy as I am to see him in the league I do believe for that price Kane come the end of the season will outscore him points wise. But with United having such attractive opening fixtures (the hardest being the derby) meant he will start the season for me and has been in my team since the start with Aguero.


Jamie was a last minute change yesterday; the one player I was tweeting about. I originally had Alexis in my team due to the fact he could be playing up front and on his day is a must have. But I changed him for Vardy because of the opening fixtures. He plays Hull, Arsenal (who he was linked with and turned down), Swansea and Burnley in the first five games. A must have for me. As much as I said I wasn’t going to gamble early on Vardy is my captain this week because Hull have a depleated squad and I hope he can run riot in the early kick off.


The first name on my team sheet and for most others. He can be gold as long as he stays fit and with the attraction of Pep now being in charge; I am expecting him to not only maintain but also improve on his form for the past two seasons. He is also a solid captain pick all season long. He was my captain for this opening week since I saw the fixtures but for the reasons above I made the change last minute.

An honourable mention goes to Terry, Alexis, Firmino & Kane who I wanted in my team and who had been in their at some point.


My GW3 Team

Chihuahua's Team

Well GW2 was fun. Ibra and Aguero scoring twice each helped my team and all those with at least one in there team rise the ranks. I did say when putting mine together that the two mentioned players and Hazard are the 3 premium players I based my team on. The score last week was 68 compared to an average of 57 which was a very decent haul. Despite having big scoring players; I had my fair share of single pointers including Redmond, Deulofeu, Amat and Stones. 

When picking my team this week it was all pretty straightforward and the glaring issue for me was Deulofeu who despite flourishing early on in pre season has been next to useless since the league started. I’ve decided to replace him instead of waiting it out and for his team mate Bolasie. The reasons behind that are the fixtures which are amazing, his potential which I saw when he came on and the words of praise from his new manager. This also saves me half a million which could become very useful going in to the end of the window and the international break.
My starting team all pick themselves and captain pick was always between Ibra and Kun despite owning both Costa and Eden. I’ve opted for Aguero over Ibrahimovic for two reasons; firstly the midweek games (he was rested and West Ham really struggled) and the fixtures this week (Aguero at home as opposed to Ibrahimovic away) and despite on paper the latter facing the weaker team I think both will do well this week again; with my captain for the first time this season Aguero being just a tad better.

My GW2 Team

Chihuahua's Team

So looking back last week I picked the worst captain possible from pretty much most of my team. I decided to keep it simple this week, with my hardest decision being if I should use my transfer or not.

Jamie Vardy was a last minute addition to my team and I do regret it. He looked off the boil and wasted so many chances. I was tempted to keep him and I do think he will score against a depleated Arsenal back line. But I have sold him for Costa in my transfer for the week. While Diego is hot headed and is as likley to be sent off as score, he looked very sharp in the season opener. In additon to this his next three games are against Watford, Burnley and Swansea. While both should do well this week, I think over the next 3 Diego will match just about every striker in the league as well as saving me half a million pounds.

My team selection is pretty straightforward but my captain pick was changed at the last second. It is on Zlatan here as I have been impressed with him and I think the addition of Pogba will only aid his form. I did try to change to Kun after seeing his record against Stoke, while I am not sure until the game loads who I have, I will be happy either way. Fingers crossed!IMG_0312