My #GW3 Team

Chihuahua's Team

Well last week was probably one of the worst weeks I’ve ever had as a fantasy football manager. I scored 34 in a week that averaged 44;  Phillips had the only assist, Foster had the only clean sheet and Lukaku scored the only goal. This meant that three of my core four players valued at £34m (Kane, Aguero and De Bruyne) all blanked.

I had planned on banking the transfer and in all fairness I wasn’t prepared to let a bad week make me throw all of my plans out of the window but I was tempted to use the wildcard. I do think that’s better suited for another week with the return of big hitters such as Hazard, Alexis and Ibrahimovic. In addition to this the transfer window may throw up some big surprises and further bandwagons will appear. I’m usually impatient and play it within a few weeks, I’m aiming to at least wait for another week with the hopes of holding on even longer.

I made two transfers this week for a four point hit, out went De Bruyne because of his lack of returns and Ward-Prowse due to seemingly losing his starting position. I think De Bruyne will come good but at the minute after watching his last two games I’ve noticed he is playing far too deep and not taking as many shots on goal as I had hoped. The replacements are both in form players that have impressed in the opening two games and will hopefully continue to do so for at least the next five game weeks; Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. The duo mean that I have tripled up on Man Utd cover which is a daunting prospect but after the games I’ve seen so far there should be plenty of points for them all.

Stats wise Kane is looking good and is bound to break his August hoo-doo so I’m backing him against Burnley. Aguero at Bournemouth was tempting but after the last game I don’t want to back him again, Lukaku was also tempting but after my triple coverage I don’t want to put even more eggs in that close to overflowing basket. Atsu starts ahead of Carroll due to attacking stats so far and the fact West Ham are struggling st the back. Manquillo starts over Arnold-Alexander because the latter isn’t nailed and has the much tougher game this week.



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