My GW29 Team

Chihuahua's Team

Just when I was down and out; drowning in my own sorrows last week something quite miraculous happened last week. I scored 58 in a week that averaged 19 with Lukaku, Morgan, Manson and Randolph scoring 51 between just the four of them! Meanwhile my transfer in of Firmino was a flop and he didn’t play at all.

This week after being at the Hawthrons last week and seeing how bad we were (hurts me to say) I saw we played Arsenal and immediately wanted Alexis back in my team. The easiest way was a straight swap with a single FT for Firmino. There are doubts of him starting but his stats this season and form can’t be ignored.

As for my team selection; Morgan takes first bench position and just misses out to the atttacking defenders in my team. Brunt is in second after being dropped the last game and with Albion very likely to concede and the useless Snodgrass last sub. Captaincy gamble on my transfer in (Alexis).

Good luck all 🙂



My GW28 Team

Chihuahua's Team

So last week put me right off FPL and in a real bad mood. I scored 59(-8) in a week that saw the average at 50. So after planning and playing my triple captain chip I scored a single point above average. Aguero scored 27 in all but was a huge disappointment blanking in the second game while KDB scored 4, bloody 4! I spent that on a hit to get him in for Hazard who was a doubt and scored. 

That luck continued into me choosing my transfer early and getting Firmino who is now a doubt. I am making no more transfers and leaving as is with Lukaku as captain. What will be, will be.

Good luck all!


My GW27 Team

Chihuahua's Team

I am actually surprised st how well GW26 went and that in a large part is due to Harry Kane who scored an impressive 20 points. My team scored 69 in a week that averaged 45 and Brady who I transferred in got returns too! 

This week the plan was not to use a single transfer but after the DGW for Man City was introduced I had to re-think. The first and obvious must make move was Aguero in and to do that I had to sacrifice Lukaku or Kane and due to the blank next week it had to sadly be Kane that I sold. 

I also took a -4 for KDB in for Hazard due to the latter being a risk of not playing and the opportunity for another doubler. Then after reading the news about Snodgrass & Chambers injury I did look ahead to next week and with the plans of having a player who also plays next week I did Chambers to Mawson who has been in good form and he does have attacking returns in him. This is move that I would’ve done next week anyway but I figured He had a better liklihood of returns compared to Daniels away to United or Snodgrass against Chelsea.

My team this week was an easy selection with Snodgrass first sub, Daniels second and Morgan third. I am using the triple captain chip on Aguero for the simple fact he’s FPL gold and plays Stoke then Sunderland. This is the same man who has five goals a game in him and with Jesus out and a good game in the cup he’s as sure of a starting spot as he ever will be. Good luck all!